Information Center

Information and Documentation Center

The objective of our Information and Documentation Center is; to meet the information needs of our researchers before, during and after the R&D operations conducted for products that are being produced and those that will be produced in the future, to give support to researchers by making it possible for them to follow the relevant literature, and to offer activities that will help our staff to be able to continue their reading habits.

The restructuring of the Aromsa Information and Documentation Center has begun in 2007, and as of 2017, close to 6500 materials, excluding some portion of the periodicals and documents, have been uploaded to the library program Milas, in accordance with international library rules, and made available for loans. 

The primary strategic goal in establishing the Information and Documentation Center was to enable all Aromsa personnel to use resources effectively, directly and rationally, by following the scientific developments in the industry. Be it scientific or not, our goal is to make our collection, that will appeal to everybody, available in printed, audio and visual format,.

Our next strategic goal, as the leader of our sector, is to reflect the importance we give to research by becoming an information center with a unique collection which will also be available to our competitors.

To achieve this, our present collection needs to be developed and improved. Our present collection consists of the following material:

  • Local/foreign books on chemistry and the food industry,
  • Local/foreign periodicals on chemistry and the food industry,
  • Local/foreign books on management science and marketing,
  • Local/foreign periodicals on management science and marketing,
  • Local and foreign novels, essays, literary works,
  • Mainly foreign cinema and TV films on DVD,

Copies of scientific articles and e-books available in electronic or printed format.

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