Human Resources

Aromsa and Social Responsibility

Employee rights is an important priority for Aromsa. Our employees are informed about ethical rules. These rules are observed, adopted as work discipline and are internalized. Our company undergoes yearly audits on Social Responsibility Standards both by our clients and International Audit Firms.

The company owes its success to employee commitment and their long-term and consistent performance. Our Human Resources applications are based on mutual respect and trust.

While investing in human resources, we also take it upon us to participate in functions that carry social and environmental  messages, and increase awareness. In 2012, we formed committees based on volunteerism for social responsibility projects, and announced the projects throughout the company. We collect books, stationary, clothes and household goods donated by our employees, and send them to those who are in need, or to institutions. Our work is not limited to material charity, we also visit old peoples’ homes and orphanages where we organize spiritual acitivites. These social responsibility projects are planned and budgeted yearly.

We also organize informative seminars for Aromsa employees on special days and occasions to contribute to their development, and we donate to NGO’s such as AÇEV, LÖSEV, UNİCEF by sending them special gifts.

“A Day at Aromsa with Children” was first realized in 2009, and every year in September – just before schools are opened – it takes place on factory grounds or in the lobby. The program is announced prior to the event, our employees take part together with their children in the fun, games are set up by a professional animation company and activites go on. The children get to see their parents’ workplace and satisfy their curiosity. They participate in laboratory works regarding “chocolate production” and “beverage production”, eat the special menu designed for them, at the facility. As the day reaches an end, they receive their presents uniquely prepared for them within the framework of the social responsibility project, as well as their participation certificates, after group photographs are taken, they leave together with their parents, with big smiles on their faces. We always make sure that the presents given out on such days carry a social message.

We try to diversify these activities each year, so that we can get together with our employees on different platforms, as well as fulfilling our social responsibility by contributing to an NGO.

Aromsa and the Environment

Aromsa has obtained the ISO 14001 certificate in 2003, as well as dealing with environmental issues,  our goal is to help our employees to become environmentally aware people who are sensitive towards the environment related problems both in Turkey and around the world, and we strive to find solutions to these problems. Thus, we organize activities with the participation of our employees to create awareness that “ENVIRONMENT” is every ones’ business.

We support environmental institutions, use recyclable products, collect all waste products separately in our waste areas and send them to licensed companies to be recycled. In the quarterly training sessions that we organize, environmental problems, ways to reduce the waste of natural resources, the importance of recycling, reusing are emphasized.

Our employees, within the framework of our “waste campaign”, separately collect milk cartons, frying oil, deodorant containers, batteries etc. and bring them to the factory, thus contributing to recycling as well as help increase environmental awareness in their community.