Tobacco Products

Water pipes are considered to be an important element of the eastern culture mysticism. While different fruits and spices were added to the water to obtain different tastes in the past; today flavour added tobacco makes it easier to attain the desired taste. With tobacco flavours, consumers no longer have to wait for the right season for the taste they wish to get; every taste is offered to them throughout the year.

The high quality flavours produced by Aromsa especially for tobacco are the preferred product in this industry. We have a very wide and rich spectrum of flavours such as; cappucino, coffee, chocolate, melon, apple, water melon, bergamot, sour cherry, banana, mint, pineapple, mocha, hazelnut, grape, peach, orange, passion fruit, strawberry etc...

Aromsa also has a wide range of tobacco flavours especially developed for cigarettes and cigars.