Drinks and Beverages

The continually developing food market offers consumers products that are easier to prepare and consume. Preparing home-made beverages are time consuming, especially for working mothers. Flavoured beverages, ready-made lemonades, tea bags are easy to prepare and offer a wide range of taste options, which makes this one of the highly consumed product group in Turkey.

Today, consumer behaviour and preferences are determined through a complex system of cause and effect relations. Consumers who have a more developed sense of knowledge and level of consciousness demand more in return for what they pay for the product or service they purchase. Price, funcionality, practicality etc.. are no longer determining factors on their own. Aromsa being aware of changing consumer demands offers its customers both technical and pilot application support in the wide range of of products such as; fruit juices, fruity beverages, flavoured beverages, carbonated drinks, beverage mixes in powder form, coctail syrups, flavoured teas, functional beverages, ayran, malt drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Functional foods which are described as the nutrition of today and the future are handled within the context of health programs, which increases their worldwide production and consumption. Aromsa holds quality and usefulness in the forefront and presents its customers with a variety of functional products.

Beverages are the most vital resources of life and are cultural ambassadors promoting their countries. One of these ambassadors is our sherbets, a source of health, which are the indispensible tastes of Turkish cuisine. Aromsa has conducted wide studies regarding sherbets and has created a series which has earned the attention and appreciation of our customers.

Aromsa has captured both a natural quality and diversity in the fruit, vegetable and spice extracts as well as in the beverages it produces. These are some of Aromsa’s favourite beverages:

  • Hot and cold sherbets (Ottoman sherbet, Brownisa, Hardaliye sherbet, Saray sherbet, Cinnamon-clove sherbet for the winter)
  • Energy and Sports Drinks (Cranberry flavoured, Pomegranate, Blueberry)
  • Lemonades (Pink lemonade, Almond-pineapple flavoured lemonade, Forrest fruit flavoured lemonade)
  • Powder Beverage Mixes (Smoothies, Sahlep, Latte tea, Hot Chocolate)
  • Carbonated Drinks (Flavoured soda pops, Sour cherry flavoured cola, Vanilla flavoured cola, Elder flower and Cucumber flavoured cola, Tangerine flavoured cola)
  • Malt Drinks
  • Functional Drinks
  • Flavoured Water