Sauces and Fruit Preparations

Sauces and fruit preparations are developed and produced as per the requests of our customers, in accordance with the creative suggestions of the R&D department of Aromsa. We supply leader brands in the market with our sauces, our technological infrastructure and expert staff enable Aromsa to add new and innovative products to its sweet sauce category each year.  

Fruit preparations are produced by using frozen fruits, fruit pureé and/or fruit juice concentrates. Upon customer request and according to the product where the sauce will be used, the required organoleptic qualities are attained by adding flavours, extracts and natural colourings alongside the main components.

As technology and taste portfolios develop, so do the structure and taste qualities of sauce products. We design stable sauces with properties that suit the product process, and conserve the organoleptic qualities throughout the shelf life of the product, such as; bakestable sauces for bakery products, natural fruit pureé sauces suitable for baby and infant products, functional sauces for functional products, heat resistant sauces for dairy products sauces, which have become trendy in recent years.  Sauces are developed through pilot experimentation in our labs, our high tech production and policy of no compromise in quality are the reasons why Aromsa sauces are the preferred choice of our customers.

The most preferred Aromsa sauces within our rich spectrum of sauces:

  • Caramel sauce
  • Chocolate sauce
  • Hot chocolate sauce
  • Strawberry sauce with chunks
  • Apple pureé sauce
  • Kiwi sauce
  • Apple cinnamon bakestable sauce
  • Forest fruit sauce
  • Prune and grain sauce
  • Syrups with various tastes for milkshakes