Savory Products

Developments in food technology and the change in eating habits brought about by a faster pace of life, limited time and heavy work tempo has lead people towards more practical solutions and to consume ready-to-eat foods. The fact that ready-to-eat foods can be served in a short time, the wide variety of choice and increasing quality of the products in the market contributes to the increase in demand for these products. The front and foremost goal while improving product quality is to eliminate or minimize the loss of taste in ready-to-eat foods. Flavours which are one of the main ingredients that give taste to foods are developed by the expert staff and high technology at Aromsa.

To obtain the desired taste profile while designing the products and to develop properties which will prevent the loss of organoleptic qualities during production is our primary goal. We are also aware how important it is to collaborate with our customers on the projects, thus we invite our business partners, giving them a chance to work with us in developing the finished products. This is the biggest indication of much  importance Aromsa gives to its work.

The new flavours developed by the expert R&D staff of Aromsa bring a different taste and natural quality to our products. All the spices, spice oils,oleoresins and extracts used in our savory group products are natural raw materials.

In order to meet the changing consumer demands caused by the developing food market, we have been working on producing and developing various products such as; ready salad sauce mixes, various sauce fillings for pasta fillings, flavours and blended spices for pizza cheese, spice flavours for ready meatball products, enzyme-modified cheese varieties, coating for semolina and other chips, as well as monosodium glutamate and salt like flavours. Once the developed products become finished products, in order to evaluate consumer appreciation and determine the taste profiles, general panels are conducted by a trained panel group.

The developed flavours and spice mixtures are often used in the following product groups:

  • Pizza cheese and pasta dough
  • Salad, pasta and meat sauces
  • Instant soups and bullion cubes
  • Chips and munchies
  • Charcuterie products
  • Fermented products

The flavouring portfolio developed by Aromsa helps its business partners to introduce the right product to the market at a fair price.