Some tastes remain forever remain in memories. That specific taste and odour come back to us from time to time. The relation we form between that specific taste and our memories does not fade away even in adulthood. They are remembered with a smile.

We produce flavours that will bring back the nostalgia, taste and happiness of your childhood. The most important point here is to pick the right flavour to suit the product. This, in a way, is like a marriage between the product and the flavour. The result of this combination should be an impressive experience. This experience should also bring about the best known reflex: “The desire to eat one more.”

At Aromsa, during the development of a new product, the most important factor we focus on is the pleasure at the moment of consumption. The biggest threat during this process is the loss that heat can cause in the aromatic material. A group of flavourists both from Europe and Turkey have come together to find a lasting solution to this threat. Moreover, this group has concentrated on developing solutions for the different products and projects of each customer. As a result of these operations, not only has Aromsa managed to eliminate the obstacles in the production of sweet flavours, but has also shown that it stands by its customers while creating new flavours and impressive appearances.

For those in search of a little happiness.

Chocolate has the power to bridge the divide between adults and children called the “generation gap”. We all become equal at the sight of these brown pieces. The only way to increase the addiction to chocolate is to create different tastes by using flavours. Moreover, without changing the addictive taste of chocolate and by using with the right flavour, some specific features can be effectively underlined. Products developed by Aromsa, such as hazelnut, pistachio, vanilla, fig, prune, sour cherry original extracts have succeeded in obtaining this impressive change without interfering with the natural taste of chocolate.

For those who want a fresh breath..
Chewing gum..

To chew gum gives a certain kind of pleasure but this is not all that chewing gum has to offer. Beyond satisfying the need for something sweet and refreshing, chewing gum offers many other advantages. First of all, chewing increases the production of saliva, which is the natural defense mechanism in the mouth, chewing gum also massages the gums with a whitening tonic that it contains, refreshes the breath, increases concentration, helps to forget smoking, brings a certain relief to people under stress and especially contributes to mouth hygiene and prevents tooth decay.

The biggest worldwide trend regarding chewing gum is of course the search for sugar-free products. Consumers preferring sugar-free chewing gum have pushed flavourists to develop stronger products. Aromsa produces various flavours developed especially for chewing gum, which helps them retain their taste and odour even after chewing for a long time. Camarom© extrusion produced by Aromsa, not only strengthens the taste and odour, but also improves the appearance of chewing gum.

For the forever children...

Candies are consumed with great pleasure worldwide both by children and those who feel like children, and the glittering past of magical candies, children’s indispensable flavour, has played a positive role in accelarating development process of soft candies.

Aromsa, aiming to add a variety of flavours that will be favoured by children has developed a wide spectrum of impressive tastes&odour suitable for confectionary products. Today we are innovators in the development of new tastes for hard and soft candies, jelly candies, coated candies, fondants, nougat and similar products.