Bakery Products

Bakery products with their pleasant taste and highly nutritious quality have always been one of the highest consumed and appreciated product groups. The fact that nutrition and the role of foods on human health have become an important issue has pushed consumers to look for a more holistic approach to healthy foods. Today, in order to create the perception of healthy food, which the consumer is in search of, we have to concentrate on freshness, positive additives, avoiding unwanted materials and using high quality raw materials,

The most often encountered threat while using flavours in bakery products is the risk of the flavours deteriorating during the use of heat, which results in decrease of taste and not being able to meet the conditions of a longer shelf life. Aromsa has succeeded to solve this problem by using a heat resistant matrix that prevents the slipping of flavour during the baking process.

The Camarom© extrusion helps the flavours applied on to the crackers before or after baking, to stay on the product by slowly melting on the surface. Its organoleptic components create the ideal taste for your palate.

Aromsa, taking into consideration increasing consumer demands, has conducted intense studies to improve the quality of baked products, and as a result of the specially designed flavours, has been succesful in developing higher quality products with higher heat resistance.

The pilot work done at Aromsa’s Gebze plant include the following bakery products:

  • Cake
  • Cracker
  • Cookie
  • Bread
  • Croissant